Saturday, August 17, 2013

More pix from the Women's Inn at Pine St.

A year's worth of Holidays, Van Goghs, and embroidery together in one place. See the article on the artsake blog...

Danforth Art

Photos of installation at Danforth Art to follow...

and a quote from Elizabeth Michelman:

"Ellen Wineberg is a very imaginative colorist and works with rich imagery and  significant content in a contemporary mode; she doesn't just follow a rote tradition of realism, surrealism, or abstraction but draws on a combination of each in a subtle , ironic manner of her own."  ---Elizabeth Michelman, Artscope

Career Trajectory, Cradle to Grave, mixed media on canvas 30" x 80" 2012

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Danforth Art

Preparing for a show at Danforth Art in Framingham, MA.
Several year's worth of work.  A lot from my In Context show last year at Bromfield Gallery. (See post below)
The other shows at the Danforth this fall will be Porfirio DiDonna, Cree Bruins, and the New England Photography Biennial.

Assemblages in the studio.

Artist's talk, Sunday Sept, 22 at 3 pm.