Saturday, December 22, 2012

A blooming Festivus tree

I found a forsythia branch on the ground last week. Brought it in and stuck it in water. I added some fallen pine boughs from the Belmont Public Library and balsam from the forest floor of the Robert Treat Paine Estate. I decorated it with Maggie Stern's wooly and woody owls and Ellen Weiske's tin coffee spoons and Sarah Doremus' Fred Head pin and a crank toy demo, and bead flowers by Meredith Levine (wife of Ken) and a wood rabbit ornament by Lisa Dudley (sister of Rick Berlin). I never did this before, it's not a Chanukah tradition.
Today the forsythia is starting to bloom. 

Is this the true meaning of Festivus?

Happy 2013!

Classes at Pine St.'s Women's Inn

Twice a month we have art classes at Pine St. The Inn is right next door to the Harrison Ave. Galleries. The women draw and sculpt and enjoy time away from their everyday lives. They say that while they are making art they don't think about anything else. And for them everything else is about homelessness.
Some of the women have past art experience, some are new to it. All are welcome to join in.

Holidays are a good theme. We did Halloween, we're working on Xmas for next year.