Saturday, October 22, 2011

Exquisite Corpse in Deerfield filmed and reviewed

a video of the opening by Freddie Wiss

and a review in the  Amherst Bulletin and Hampshire Gazette by Steve Pfarrer

Friday, September 9, 2011

Alternative Printmaking Workshop at Two Rivers Printmakers, VT

Deconstruct and Reconstruct

Come join a workshop where we will make rubber stamps, e-z cut prints, and photo transfers and use old prints and stitching in collage.

Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011, White River Junction, VT

Prototype 7, stencil, transfers on stitched paper and canvas
in Boston Printmakers National Traveling Show, thINK

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

24 Solo Shows at Bromfield Gallery

Installation of my work at the Bromfield Gallery, 450 Harrison Ave., Boston in the Gallery Artists Show. The assemblage at the bottom is called Deion Branch Rocks.

And read Joanne Mattera's comments about the show in her blog,
9/16/2011 Critical Mass., Part 8: The Last Roundup

Work for the show, Exquisite Corpse

The work that's going to Deerfield Academy for the Exquisite Corpse show. Inspired by ceramic Staffordshire dogs seen in my travels. In a fishing village in Denmark they can be seen in almost every window. Turned out they mean 'Daddy's at sea.' Turned in, it's 'Daddy's home.'

Here are some window views...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2 Fall Shows

A five person show at Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, MA

Exquisite Corpse will be on view at the Russell Gallery at the Memorial Building of Deerfield Academy from September 22 through November 17. There will be an opening reception at the gallery from 2 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, October 2.

The show will run the gamut from realism to minimalism. Sally Curcio, a Northampton artist who works in a wide variety of experimental media, will be exhibiting conceptual paintings. Amherst artist Rachel Folsom’s contributions will include an assortment of oddly shaped panels and funny self-portraits. Ashfield artist, Jane Lund, known for her highly realized, large portraits and still life paintings in pastel, will be showing small watercolors, that she calls her recreational paintings. Betsy Stone of Florence will show her anthropomorphic still life pastel paintings of gourds. And Ellen Wineberg of Watertown will be displaying large, whimsical oil-stick paintings of Staffordshire dogs and teddy bears.

The title of the show, Exquisite Corpse, reflects the artists’ wide differences in style. The original Exquisite Corpse was a collaborative game of folded paper played by the Surrealist writers and painters in Paris in the 1920’s where each player writes or draws in turn without being able to see the preceding contribution. When the paper is unfolded a surprising result is revealed. The famous first example of this result was “The- Exquisite- Corpse- Shall- Drink- The- Young -Wine.”


Gallery members each have 4 feet of wall space for 24 solo shows.
I will be showing 2 paintings with found red-work embroidery and one assemblage called "Folk Artist.