Sunday, October 26, 2014

Big show at BU

At the BU 808 Gallery on Comm. Ave. These 2 and the work of about 240 other alumni. In a Globe review, Cate McQuaid called the one on the left a "candy colored nightmare." And here it is again!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

siteCHUNKS press!

September's artscope email blast by Lacey Daley

Friday, September 5, 2014

siteChunks, first fall show at ROOM

at ROOM 83 Spring
Featuring the work of Bailey Bob Bailey, Liza Bingham, Kirstin Lamb
September 6 – October 16
Reception: Saturday, September 20, 5 – 7

The work of Bailey, Bingham and Lamb engages a visual vernacular both present tense and retrospective. Sculpture, painting and installation shake off the snooze of everyday saturation with humor, homage and editorial wit.

We hope you can visit or join us at the reception!

For more information contact: | www.room83spring

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Work For Food @ ROOM

45 artists gather to support Food For Free, The Boston Area Gleaners and the Watertown Food Pantry in a show and sale of work on paper at Room 83 Spring.
Reception Sunday, June 15, 3-5

My piece is Interlude, a collaboration with Michael Gold, a musician, Deborah Robbins, a cook, and Laura Robbins, a Hebrew scholar.

Check us out at or like us on facebook at room 83 spring.

Mark Luiggi did the poster piece, it's tiny baskets and crates made from paper and watercolor.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Wicked Local

'Out of True' art show featuring local artists

Out of True," a new show at ROOM 83 Spring, Watertown, opens Thursday. See work by three multitasking artist/writers, a hooker (the yarn kind) and a painter/professor who share a sensibility of primitive sophistication in widely varied media.
The show runs April 17 to May 29 at 83 Spring St. There is a preview April 17 from 6 to 8 p.m. and a reception Sunday, May 11, from 3 to 5 p.m.
Gallery hours are Thursday from 2 to 4 p.m. and Saturday from noon to 4 p.m.
        The show includes giant pencils and smaller wood sculpture by Paul Angiolillo of Watertown. He is also a journalist and has written for the Waltham News Tribune. His artwork is in the shop at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton.
         Cat Bennett, a multi-media artist and author who lives and works in Watertown, is showing many tiny multi-chromed people. Bennett teaches drawing at the Arsenal Center for the Arts and is an animator and illustrator. Her most recent book is “Making Art a Practice.”
         Frances Hamilton, a Boston painter and collage artist who teaches at MassArt and shows at the Clark Gallery in Lincoln, exhibits her wildly colorful mixed media paintings on books.
         Phyllis Poor, one of the region’s premiere fiber artists, contributes hooked chairs, pillows and handbags. She lives in Bedford and has taught hooking with yarn at the DeCordova and the Fuller museums and exhibited her work throughout New England for many years.
Subversive stitcher and writer Maggie Stern does framed stitched handkerchiefs of animals and people. She lives and works in Concord and sells her work at the Guilford Art Center in Guilford, Conn., Essentia in Wellesley, and The American Museum of Folk Art in New York.

         For more information, visit

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bromfield Gallery in April 16 Globe

Top billing!
What a cool surprise!


& light!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Out of True @ ROOM

Paul Angiolillo, Cat Bennett, Frances Hamilton, Phyllis Poor, Maggie Stern
Out Of True
April 17 – May 29
Preview: Thursday, April 17, 6:00 to 8:00
Reception: Sunday, May 11, 3:00 to 5:00

"Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes visible" – Paul Klee
Miniature polychrome clay heads, stitched drawings on repurposed linen, hand-painted books, carved wooden birds and snakes, hooked chairs and a giant pencil – the works in this show share an aesthetic kinship with folk and outsider art. Vital impulse trumps representation in works conjured from personal experience. Meet five artists who follow an honest instinctual expression of life as art. 

Visit the website, Like us on facebook! room 83 Spring

Saturday, April 12, 2014

a lotta art

The Bromfield show opened last week (no opening tonight.)  It will be there through April.
See more on my new website:

Today we hang the new show at ROOM 83 SpringHere's  Paul Angiolillo's sculpture.
Kinda busy.

Cat Bennett and Friends.

More to come!

New Show at Room 83 Spring

Saturday, March 8, 2014

ROOM press and events

                                             photo credit: Freddie Wiss 

A boisterous preview night. here's the card and the image list.

And the article in the Boston Globe 
The Boston Globe 3/12/14
New space in Watertown
By Cate McQuaid
Un-Mapping the Air: Bob Oppenheim, Carol McMahon, Ted Ollier
At: Room 83 Spring,
83 Spring St., Watertown.
Artists Ellen Wineberg and Cathleen Daley have opened a new project space next door to Drive-By Projects in Watertown. They’re reluctant to call it a gallery. “We’re artists for artists,” says Daley.
Their first show, “Un-Mapping the Air,” is spare, uncluttered, and deeply moving. It’s all about foiling expectations. Large is made small. Something tactile and present somehow conveys absence.
Bob Oppenheim’s painted panels stitched and splayed with loose threads are delicate with breathy hues and barely visible lines. They might map the cosmos, or the underside of a piece of embroidery. They pull you in close with their hints and whispers, weaving a net of memory and longing. What’s there feels like traces of what has gone.
Speaking of cosmic, Ted Ollier’s silkscreened pulsing concentric circles with pools of color at their core are simplified visions of planets and their rings. They read like objects of meditation, icons that draw you into the center. “Planetary Rings, Uranus” has a small pale blue circle at its center, and the rings around it imply distance. “Planetary Rings, Neptune” has a larger, turquoise core, and fewer rings. Where Uranus recedes, Neptune seductively rises to meet us.
Carol McMahon explores the dark side of domesticity with white-washed doll houses. “Homefront” is nearly empty, upside down and askew, with stray boxes and a white-painted doll’s hat resting on its upturned foundation. God knows what damage came to this home, from within or without, to leave it so bereft.

We were featured in an artscope eblast by Lacey Daley

This blast is full of what we like to call innovators. The folks of these exhibitions are opening new art spaces, displaying life-size artwork and debuting the entire realm of a renowned artist's work—all of which we consider to be trailblazing efforts. So whether you consider them pioneers of paint or theme or space, they're all trying something a little different, which is always worth checking out. 

Un-Mapping The Air at Room 83 Spring
in Watertown, Massachusetts today through April 10th

Arts without exception, it's all about the conversation—that's the tagline for a new art venue opening in Watertown and we think they've got the right idea. Room 83 Spring is a space for art and a studio for projects and events that promote experimentation and process, hosting a mix of creative disciplines, provocative installations and engaging discourse. Artists Cathleen Daley and Ellen Wineberg launched Room 83 Spring, located at 83 Spring Street between Common and Main Streets and adjacent to the venerable Drive-By Projects Gallery, as a project to foster and celebrate other artists. For years, the duo has been looking for the perfect spot to open an alternative, inclusive art space, and starting tonight, they get to do just that. The debut exhibition, Un-Mapping The Air, features the paintings, assemblages, prints and video of Bob Oppenheim, Carol McMahon and Ted Ollier. The featured artists work to undo the scaffolding and disrupt the foundation of all concepts familiar, shaking our every expectation and turning them inside out. Oppenheim is Professor Emeritus at Simmons College and former director of the Trustman Art Gallery. He is represented by Miller Yezerski Gallery. McMahon exhibits at Bromfield Gallery, where her last two solo shows were Age of Un-Reason and Home Front. Ollier also exhibits at Bromfield Gallery, is Press Master at Harvard University's Bow and Arrow Press and teaches at Harvard Extension and the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Un-Mapping The Air opens tonight, Thursday, February 27th and will be on view through Thursday, April 10th. A reception will be held on Sunday, March 9th from 3-5pm. Room 83 Spring is open every Thursday from 12-4pm, and by appointment. As for future shows and exhibitions, the venue will combine painters and sculptors with authors, artisans, poets and more. With art on the wall and off, Room 83 Spring ensures that compelling conversations will ensue. Join their talks now by liking them on their Facebook page.

and a capsule preview by Brian Goslow:

In the march/april 2014 artScope:

It’s been gratifying to see a number of new galleries opening up in the New England region in recent months. As we went to press, Ellen Wineberg and Cathleen Daley opened the doors to their room 83 spring gallery, which they call, “A site for experimentation and process.” The space is intended to host a mix of creative disciplines, provocative installations and engaging exchange. “We are artists who wish to foster and celebrate other artists. Arts without exception, it's all about the conversation.” Room’s first exhibition, “Un-Mapping The Air,” featuring works by Bob Oppenheim, Carol McMahon and Ted Ollier, continues through April 10 at 83 Spring Street, Watertown, Mass.

Find us on facebook at ROOM 83 Spring!

Friday, February 21, 2014

ROOM opens

Me on our first Thursday, a time to place the signage and meet and greet a few visitors. The show is evocative and intimate.
Carol McMahon's Standard and Microwave

There is a visceral feeling of loss and sadness in Carol's and Bob's work...
Bob Oppenheim, Limit

and a vastness in Ted Ollier's Planetary Rings...
Lisa Tung, Best of Boston Mass Art Curator and art advisor to Mayor Marty Walsh,  and her husband Spencer were our first visitors on Sat. right after we finished hanging. They looked and looked and loved the show and the place. On Thursday we had a visit from Cat Bennett, an artist and writer who showed us her new work. And a visit from Liz Heichelbech who wanted to buy Cat's book, Making Art A Practice, and run an improv group in our back space...

We are excited. That's Cathleen Daley, Co-Director, in the window.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

ROOM 83 Spring

Cathleen Daley and I have been looking for the perfect spot to open an alternative art space for years. Well, the time has come, we got an offer we couldn't refuse. A store-front/studio space adjacent to the fabulous Drive-By Projects Gallery on Spring St. in Watertown came up for rent and we took it. We launch at the end of February and will host shows, conversations, workshops, events and a summer work-in-process residency. Visit www.room83spring for more info and like room 83 spring on Facebook for news and updates. 

Here are pix from our first show: Bob OppenheimCarol McMahon and Ted Ollier  in Un-Mapping The Air. Feb. 27 to April 10, reception March 9, 3-5.

Valentines from the Women's Inn

On the 12th of Feb.
A good project. In between lunch and the bed lottery on a frigid day.
Not everyone loves Valentine's day. So we made a bunch for Paul
who works the front desk.